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Thursday, September 2, 2004

Who Let the Blogs Out?

[Who Let the Blogs Out? A Hyperconnected Peek At The World of Weblogs]

Who Let the Blogs out? is the title of a soon-to-be-released book by Biz Stone (a self-proclaimed genius working on Google’s Blogger-service). With a foreword by celebrity blogger Wil Wheaton of ex-Star Trek fame.

Gates on Google

“Some things here are cases where there is a clear competitor. If you take our guys who are competing with Google, they understand exactly what they’re measured against and how everybody thinks Google walks on water, and they’ve got to surprise the world.”
– Bill Gates interviewed by ZDNet, 30 August 2004 [Via Mark Ayzenshtat]

Strong Cheney

Talk about HTML glitches, above is from the official George W. Bush site. For a second I wondered if the < STRONG > was there for a reason.

Rejected Google Mottoes

In his Google rant, Paul Ford ponders alternative mottoes Google could have chosen instead of the now famous “don’t be evil”:

Search Links Bubbles

Maybe you understand how this visualization of search engine related articles works.

Keywords Banned in China

According to Xiao Qiang’s report, the following keywords are banned in the Web as seen from China:

B*tch, sh*t, falun, sex, tianwang, cdjp, av, bignews, boxun, chinaliberal, chinamz, chinesenewsnet, cnd, creaders, dafa, dajiyuan, dfdz, dpp, falu, falundafa, flg, freechina, freedom, freenet, f*ck, GCD, gcd, hongzhi, hrichina, huanet, hypermart, incest, jiangdongriji, lihongzhi, making, minghui, minghuinews, nacb, naive, nmis, paper, peacehall, playboy, renminbao, renmingbao, rfa, safeweb, simple, svdc, taip, tibetalk, triangle, triangleboy, UltraSurf, unixbox, ustibet, voa, voachinese, wangce, wstaiji, xinsheng, yuming, zhengjian, zhengjianwang, zhenshanren, zhuanfalun.

iTunes Affiliates

A new potential revenue for webmasters comes via iTunes Affiliates. Music bought after following links from your site will earn you a 5% commission. Compared to similar affiliate services, the registration is a little clumsy and complicated (especially for people outside the USA). It does not work at all to finish registration in Firefox. Finally you’ll receive an email by LinkShare (not Apple), and you can log-in to their site; I then had to ask for approval for iTunes once more, and the request is currently being processed. [Via Anil Dash.]

AutoWeek Glitch

Now here’s a PageRank 7 page which currently displays XML via Java – in its full source, without converting to HTML:

Ads by Goooooogle

“We’re currently running a test with new branding features on Google ads. You may notice some of your pages displaying ’Ads by Goooooogle’ ad units. We welcome your feedback on this new look, and we’ll be analyzing the results of this test over the next while.”
Google AdSense: What’s New, August 25, 2004


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