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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Server Half Down

The Image Quiz was brought to its knees because of too many visitors (it has been linked from Metafilter, B3ta, and a bunch of other places). It has now been temporarily disabled. I upgraded my server to a much more powerful package, but this will take about a week.

Update: The Image Quiz is currently back up again, with a delay between rounds.

If you are using the FindForward backlinks alert, note that it has been disabled temporarily as well. You will still see a button, but the functionality behind it is inactive.

For the coming week there may be some outages. The least will be 3-6 hours when files are moved to the new server. There may be more small troubles ahead, but after that, everything ought to be much, much faster.


Want to help me cover my server costs (which will triple next month)?


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