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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Godfather Pillow

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
– Don Corleone

The Mafia will always find you, and if they do, they might leave the head of a dead horse. Which you can now buy as pillow to decorate your bed. [Via Waxy.]

Firefox Preview Meme

Firefox (version 1 has just been pre-released) is occupying more than half of the spots in the Bloglines memewatch top ten.

Image Quiz Update

[Image Quiz]

The Image Quiz has been updated with an improved high-score, many new words, tips (previous guesses by others, and the first letter), and a new design.

Dogpile Changes Name

“The meta search engine Dogpile has changed its name to in the UK and Europe.

Clearly the name ’dogpile’ conjures a different image in Britain and Europe than it does in the States.”
– Steve Malone, Dogpile fetches new name (PC Pro), 15th September 2004

Google Local Update

Google Local product manager Bret Taylor in the official Google Blog writes:

“We beefed up the technology that delivers more precise results. We cleaned up the design a bit, so the maps you see with the results show the location of your find. We link to more information than before - business home pages, and ratings, reviews. And now you can zoom and pan the maps without reloading the page.”

New A9

Amazon’s A9 search engine relaunched with some new features. You can now expand and combine a variety of search types by clicking on the right-hand buttons. Note you can also switch the template in your preferences – for example, set the layout to extra-large fonts and black-and-white colors. To fix bugs like the one reading “Hello . Click here if this not your name” they are looking for people who have “5-50 years of software engineering.” Results are naturally good, as behind the scenes A9 is using Google.

Memorable URL – now that’s a memorable URL.


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