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Friday, September 17, 2004

Firefox Integrates RSS

A handy feature comes with the latest Firefox (version 1.0 Pre-release). On certain pages* an RSS icon will appear in the lower right. Clicking on it you can choose to subscribe to the RSS (or other available feeds, like Atom). The blog or news page will then appear in your bookmarks folder as “Live Bookmark”, which shows the latest posts.

I think many users will be confused by the choice between RSS and Atom (and after all, why should they care – the browser should just go for one or the other and hide the choice in the options). Also, it’s about time we rename this thing to “site feed” or whatever the community deems appropriate. If Firefox wants to go mainstream it should adopt a mainstream interface as well.

* It helps to have the following HTML in the head of the document:
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="your-rss.xml" />

Friday Fun

Election Watch

Technorati’s politics site has turned into Election Watch 2004. In blogspace, Kerry is winning over Bush. Also see Scott Niven’s Google comparison of Bush vs Kerry (here, Bush wins).

Google Test

Could you solve GLAT, the Google Labs Aptitude Test? [Thanks Dirson.]

Aks Jeeves

Here is search engine Aks Jeeves. OutHouseRag says “It`s like Ask Jeeves, but more street.” NSFW if you turn on your speakers.

Gmail Invites Thread

As always, the Gmail invitation thread offers an opportunity for people to give out Gmails, and to get invited! Several new invitations have been posted today.

Search Engine Watch Blog

As of September 16, Search Engine Watch has its own weblog. Bloggers include Danny Sullivan and Gary Price. I’ve added the feed to my news overview page.

Googlebot and HTTP 1.1

It looks like Googlebot is now partially supporting HTTP 1.1.


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