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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Seraphim Proudleduck SEO Competition

[Seraphim Proudleduck]

You can win £1000 (that’s $1792, and €1472) by linking to this blog using the words “Seraphim Proudleduck”. (Please read on for details.)

The “Seraphim Proudleduck” SEO Competition

In the wake of Nigritude Ultramarine, a new SEO competition has hit the Googlesphere. The phrase Seraphim Proudleduck will bring one search engine optimizer the contest prize £1000 (second prize £300, third prize £200, all paid via PayPal). As bonus prize for the one who will be on top in Google Images, a PageRank 7 site is handed out. The judge will be, with safe-search off, as seen from the UK, on January 1st, 2005, 1am GMT.

The only rules to participate: link to (the official contest page) throughout the whole contest – the anchor text can be anything you want – and send off an email to with your details, including a user name you choose and a PayPal account email (or other email, if you do not wish to be paid via PayPal).

Current Results

So let the games begin. The term had zero result in the beginning, and now finds 13,200 pages already. For most of the participating pages, as always, the motto is “Best Viewed with Googlebot.” I will try to make an exception once more and participate with this blog homepage by reporting on the competition.

My Spin – And How You Can Win Easier

If you want to help out, link to using link text “Seraphim Proudleduck” – there’s no need for you to follow any other rules as outlined above, just send an email to (subject “Seraphim-Proudleduck”) to let me know. Every single domain will count as one entry from you*.
You can also use my Seraphim Proudleduck image in your blog (but to win the prize, please create a text-only link).

*Every link on a unique domain counts as one ticket to the lottery. Sub-domains or folders do not count as separate entries. Even forum signatures using the link are OK as long as one doesn’t need any log-in to see the page. Also, the link must be text-only, and not require JavaScript to be followed. Comments in wikis, guestbooks or other places where posting might be considered spam are not welcome and will not be considered for the lottery.

In case I win, you guessed it, I will donate the £1000 (or any other prize) right back to one of my readers by playing lottery. My chances are fairly good if you help out, as the last Nigritude Ultramarine competition prooved: I came in a close second. This time, let’s see if we can make it a first place.

Visual History of Spam

Here’s an interesting visualization of one man’s spam history. [Via Waxy.]

Also see the spam map.


FoafSpace (a friend-of-a-friend search engine) says it knows over a million people. I’m not one of them, neither are other people I tried. [Thanks Philipp H.]


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