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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Google Toolbar Vulnerability

Securitytracker published a security hole in the Internet Explorer Google Toolbar. [Via InsideGoogle.]

Hero Machine 2

I didn’t know the Hero Machine was available in a 2.0 version. This one’s old but good: create your own superhero using the fully customizable (Flash-plugged) models.

Honest Politician

Dave Goodman writes:

Sometimes you learn more from Google by what it can’t find than by what it can. :)

Gmail Ads at Bottom

Paul I. and others found their Gmail advertisement displayed below the email, as opposed to the right-hand side.

Seraphim Proudleduck Change

The result pages for “Seraphim Proudleduck” have changed (depending on your location you may get served old SERPs; in that case just refresh after a while). Google Blogoscoped went straight up to the 5th place, ranking as the 4th individual site for “Seraphim Proudleduck”. Surely not all of your backlinks have been taken into account for this first boost, so it’s a tremendous start already.

Google Press Videos

Google now offers free videos to journalists via The NewsMarket (you need to apply by registering with your full address). There are interviews with different Googlers, explanations of the web services Google provides, and footage of inside the Google headquarter.

Wiki Fundraising

If you have a dime to spare, why not give it to the Wikimedia Foundation. Their fund drive goal are $50,000 USD, with $41,166.82 to go.

I wonder why Wikipedia doesn’t just display Google AdSense – or another form of advertising – alongside their entries. Would people be less willing to donate “content” when the site is semi-commercial? I wouldn’t mind ads, as long as that would give me a faster site. ( is quite slow at times.)

Gbrowser Update lists more evidence a Mozilla-based Google Broswer might be coming:

  1. Google registered the domain on April 26 this year (nothing can be seen on that site yet).
  2. The Mozilla bug database Bugzilla was showing the message “This is a duplicate of a private bug about working with Google. So closing this one.”

Update: Justin F. informed me Fritz Schneider (who works at Google since 2002) is also helping out with Mozilla. This might be another hint.

Update 2: Luca asks “[who needs] GBrowser when you can have Gsuite, or, better, Google OS.” (Not English, but with some nice fake screens.)

Google Indexing 3d Files?

Search Engine Roundtable reports Google is now indexing the content of 3d file formats, including:

Update: Of above list as presented by Search Engine Roundtable, I could only reproduce the AutoCAD file format (dwg). Other extensions are displayed, but are either not understood, or of text or HTML format to begin with. After all any filetype-operator returns some results (like filetype:xyz).

MyJeeves’s MyJeeves (Beta) is here and it’s promoted it as “the next big thing in search”. You can register for MyJeevs, but even without logging in you now can:

John Battelle comments:

“I only hope that Ask, A9, Furl, and all the rest keep on keeping on (...) [None] of these features are big enough to warrant a Google Moment like we had in 2000-2001. However, they all point to an incredibly robust future – and by the way, a future in which personal publishing is very much integrated into search.”

Word Watch: Xenoblogging

Xenoblogging: The work you do to help other people’s weblogs (commenting, suggesting links, following up on their ideas, giving them credit, etc.) [By Jerz.]

Gmail Shows Spam

As you may know Gmail deletes Spam after 30 days. As a new feature, they now also show you how many unread messages are stored in your Spam box.


Here’s gay Google Fagoogle. [Thanks Heligrl in the forum.]


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