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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Google Ads to be Expanded

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch reports the Google Ad policies are to be expanded.

Google News Unbalanced?

Is Google News unintentionally leaning to the right of the political spectrum?

Funny Names at Amazon

B3ta published an Amazon list of authors with unfortunate names. (The latest B3ta’s also brings us the funky drummer.)

Hitchhiker’s Guide Game

Thanks to the BBC, the Hitchhiker’s Guide text game has been re-released with added graphics in a 20th anniversary edition.

First things to type? “Get up”, followed by “Turn on the light”. The rest is somewhat more complicated. When I played this on the Amiga 500 ages ago, I made it not too far past the Vogon spaceship. Except for the humor (Douglas Adams himself was co-authoring the game back in the 80s) this is not quite like the book.

G for Gmail

Not too bad for a relatively new site – “Gmail” is the number one in Google for the letter “g”. (It’s number 4 for “mail”, so apparently people are using “G-Mail” quite often when linking to the Gmail homepage.)

Google’s doing well in other regards too. It seems to have more PageRank 10 sites than anyone else – around 7. The most recent Google-site entering the PR10 league is the official Google Blog.


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