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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Technorati Down

As mentioned in the forum, Technorati blog search has been down since yesterday. (It has been occasionally slow for around the past two months.)

If you are looking for a worthy replacement for Technorati, Bloglines delivers. Use a search like the following to find your backlinks (replace “” with your own URL):

Update: an electrical fire is the cause for Technorati’s downtime, as Sifry tells. [Thanks Ronnie T. Dodger in the forum.]

FindForward Navigation

If you use the Opera browser with the navigation toolbar activated, you can now see “Previous” and “Next” buttons for FindForward web search results. This is not quite like the standard “Back” and “Forward” buttons, as clicking “Next” shows the next 10 results for every search. (The underlying HTML is standardized, so in theory this feature could work with any future browser supporting it.)

Creativity Video

In What’s Creativity and Who’s Creative? “experts gather to discuss this remarkable thing called creativity in a lively discussion that combines sweeping theories, fascinating stories, clever experiments and personal confessions.” [Thanks Philipp H.]

Google Toolbar Fixes Vulnerability

Dirson reports the latest Google Toolbar update fixes a recent vulnerability.


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