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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Little Known HTML Facts

Here are some little or less known (X)HTML and CSS facts:

Also see more little known HTML facts.

Thanks to Thomas Frütel, a translation to German is available.

Microsoft Search Champs

“On Sunday I’m leaving for a short trip to Redmond, where I’ll be part of a new advisory group (“Search Champs”) that Microsoft is forming to provide feedback on their search engine development.”
– Elizabeth Lane Lawley, Mamamusings, 27 September 2004 [Via Zawodny.]

Baby Google

File this one under “cute”: Lemuel in his Google shirt.

New My Yahoo

[Before ...and after]

There’s a new My Yahoo. My Yahoo is a personalized, RSS-laden portal package to do pretty much everything (from finding a date, to finding a weather forecast). Here’s the detailed What’s new page. Also, Zawodny and the Yahoo blog report on it.

Bloglines Services

InsideGoogle points to the new Bloglines Web Services. Among other features, you can now tap the following RSS feeds:


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