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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Most Pages?

Evan Williams checks sites with a lot of pages. And I wonder, which single domain on the web has the most pages – checked by using a search in Google? (Yahoo already has 9,700,000 pages, but there might be a place with more.)

Trading Articles

“Trading articles with other webmasters will provide fresh content, along with more incoming links. Both help your online business and those of your article partners to reach their desired goals.”
– W. Hurlbert & S. Subramanian, Of Content and Visitors (SEO Chat), 2004-09-29

Froogle UK

Dirson reports Froogle UK launched.

Google Blog On China

The official Google Blog answers the Google News China censorship accusations.

Graham’s Bubble

Paul Graham tells what the Bubble got right.

“Google has over 82 million unique users a month and annual revenues of about three billion dollars. (...) And yet have you ever seen a Google ad? Something is going on here.”

Font Collection

Zawodny links to Simply the Best Fonts library, which includes a lot of freeware fonts.


At, Sam draws cartoons based on titles people send to him. [Via Saltwater.]


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