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Friday, October 1, 2004

Drawing Directions

A creative idea for a future toy: you draw directions on a car to make it drive anyway you want. [Via B3ta.]

Poll: Where Do You Work?

Googler Career

If you work at Google, you should absolutely send an email to Larry Page telling him his name is an anagram of “larger pay”.

Googling Secrets

John Walkenbach of J-Walk blog shows how this Google search reveals secrets.

Google Digital Images

Search Engine Roundtable offers advice on how to search Google Images for “first” photos taken with a digital camera (they are often saved using a vendor-specific pattern).

Google Statistics

Andy Beal has some Google stats.


Clusty (Beta) is a new clustering search engine by Vivisimo.

GLAT Print

Google hands you their Google Labs Aptitude Test (GLAT) for easy print out.

Superman’s Blog

Interesting: Superman’s blog.

Mall for Guys

Here’s the Mall for Guys.

Google News Not Making Money

Wired argues that Google News is not making any money. [Via Jerz.]


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