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Saturday, October 2, 2004

Poll: Google’s Next Steps


At my OpenTrivia web site, you can create and play trivia quiz games. There are several topics, like movies, geography, computers, comics, music and science.

If you want to play a quiz, simply go to the section, and click “Play Trivia”. This works in any browser, like Firefox. For a little more effects, which work in Internet Explorer only, you can click on “Advanced Trivia”. (It will be the same game otherwise.)

You can also submit your own question along with an answer. And if you want to see what others submitted so far, click “See Trivia”. You can then view the quiz data in your browser, or download the TriviaML file.

What is TriviaML? It’s a simple XML language to store trivia quiz games. You can create TriviaML files in any text editor and validate them against the TriviaML Doctype (the DTD is available at OpenTrivia). I also offer a freeware Windows editor – the OpenTrivia Creator – which can be used to create TriviaML files.

If you do create a set, I’m happy to publish it on my site. (You will keep the copyright.) Naturally you can also create trivia games using the OpenTrivia Creator and put them on your own site.

FakeToday: High IQ

A new TV show replaces the brain.


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