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Saturday, October 9, 2004

Fun Translation

Some Google college humor via Ding Deng:
Type my mom is cool and nice into the Google Translator and translate it from English to Spanish. Now translate the result back to English again.

The Google Family Tree

[Google Family Tree]

Enter the name of any famous person to find out about their family at this blog’s new Google Family Tree site.

Famous person:

Did certain queries work especially well for you, and did some easy ones not return good results? Please post in the forum thread to help improve this tool.

Feel free to use the Family Tree logo above on your site.

Amazon Light 4

Alan took the time to explain his Amazon Light to me:

“Amazon Light 4.0 is an alternate interface to

The site has a number of tools based on external web applications/sites. A few are related to Google: you can send a URL to a friend with GMail, or see a link to Google Print/Search Inside – If a book happens to have an excerpt on Google Print, a link to that excerpt is included in the description. (Example here.)"


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