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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Google Desktop Released

Did you ever wonder “What if Google, not Microsoft, would have made Windows?”
Well, here’s part of the answer: they’d build a search that works.

Google Desktop has been released and lets you search your own computer “as easily as you do on Google.” According to Google, the software quickly finds emails, files, chats, and pages from the browser history. It also lets you view web pages you visited while you are offline. Google also released a few screenshots.

A first look at Google Desktop search shows this product works incredibly well, and at extra-high speed (the kind of speed where you won’t see the progress bar because the result is already there). Not only will there be an icon sitting in your Windows tray to open up Desktop Search, you will also see modified personalized results when you search the web via the normal This is just what you need to replace the slow built-in Windows search, and it may change the way you think about accessing your files.

How do you like Google Desktop? Discuss with us.

Ad-free Gmail

Here’s how to remove the ads in Gmail – but be aware this may be against the Google ToS. [Via AimlessWords.]

Vivisimo Ebay

Philipp H. points to the Vivisimo Ebay search tool.


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