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Friday, October 15, 2004

The Google Bible

Just for fun (and no offense) I replaced the following ten words in the King James Bible:

God with Google,
Light with Search,
Earth with Web,
Heaven with Googleplex,
Adam with Googlebot,
Egypt with Microsoft,
Israel with California,
Noah with Silicon Valley,
and Man with Algorithm.

Here’s the result.

CrossRef and Google

David Dean in the forum points to CrossRef, who are teaming up with Google for their scholarly search.

Lego Google

Jason Shellen shows the Google logo built using Lego bricks.

AOL Desktop Search?

CNET reports “AOL launches new portal, tests desktop search.” [Via InsideGoogle.]


Yelp! is a localized ask-a-friend search. From the help:

“When you want to find good local businesses you ask the people you trust. (...)

To get started, just enter what you’re looking for, together with your friends’ email addresses.

Friends will receive your request by email. Then, they recommend a business using Yelp! (...)

If they can’t help, they can forward your request to one of their friends.

When your friends respond, you get an email. (...)

Each recommendation includes contact details for the business, a map and your friend’s opinion.”

Sounds like it does what you could do with email too, the crucial part being you already know the friends to ask. Then again it might just be a matter of usability that makes Yelp stand apart from doing it all “manually”.

[Via SearchEngineWatch Blog.]

Spam (Video)

“Request” [MOV] is a short film of one guy reciting a spam letter. [Via B3ta Newsletter.]

Also via B3ta: ROFL-3000, “the way keyboards *should* be."

Inside Google Print

J. sent in two screenshots of how Google Print appears when you are a registered publisher.


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