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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Weird Movie Posters

What if movies were titled by what you can see on the poster? [Via B3ta.]

Gorbachev Visits Googleplex

“When I shook Mikhail Gorbachev’s hand, my heart was pounding. We get a fair number of prominent visitors at Google, but none have thrilled me more than my former President, the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize winner for his efforts to free the Soviet bloc. Gorbachev has been my hero and inspiration for most of my life. A lot of Russians have mixed feelings about his presidency, but I always felt he was the only Russian leader who wasn’t seeking power for its own sake, but because he wanted to make the world a better place for everyone.”
– Lydia Shtarkman, Dobro Pozhalovat, Mr. President (Official Google Blog), October 19, 2004

Also in the Google Blog: Google Fellor Urs Hoelzle says thanks to Stanford University and everyone else who contributed to Google’s success.

AdWords Germany Without Adult Content

Abakus quotes a new Google AdWords guideline for German users, which will censor erotic content.

“Ab Anfang/Mitte November 2004 werden für Nutzer, die von Deutschland aus (anhand der IP-Adresse ermittelt), alle anderen Google Domains oder Websites und Produkte des Google- Netzwerks besuchen, keine Anzeigen mit pornografischen, erotischen oder anderen explizit sexuellen Inhalten mehr angezeigt. Diese Richtlinie wurde aus unternehmensinternen Gründen eingeführt.”

Display Gmail Invites

AimlessWords points to “a neat little PHP script courtesy of Paul Shapiro that will generate a PNG file advertising the number of GMail invites in your account."

Google Before Girlfriend

“Men talk to their search engines more than their girlfriends, work colleagues or even their families, research has claimed.”
– Robert Jaques, Men talk to Google not girlfriends (, 22 Oct 2004

Behind the Scenes at Google (Video)

On October 21, 2004 at the University of Washington, Googler Jeff Dean gives a presentation on Google [WMV]. The outline: Mission, data and scaling; Systems infrastructure; Higher level applications: Fun with data; Engineering organization. [Via SearchEngineWatch.]


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