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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I’m a bit slow to catch up on internet telephony. A friend from Malaysia suggested Skype to me. This software is is ad-free (and free) and works just like you’d expect it. You download and install it, create a user name, look up your friend’s login and start talking through microphone and speakers (or exchange URLs via the integrated chat window). You can also search for contacts anywhere in the world. I suppose this only works smooth with a fast connection on both sides, but once you got it running well you won’t have to pay astronomical rates... which makes all the difference when I call Malaysia.


Colorzilla is a Firefox extension which lets you pick any color from web pages. After installation (and restart) you will see a small icon in the lower left; just click it and move the mouse over the screen to see the RGB values for every pixel. This is a handy asset for web designers. [Via Dr. Web.]

PHP5 Coding Competition Winners

The winning entries of Zend’s PHP5 Coding Contest have been announced:

  1. The PRADO Component Framework: An event-driven and component-based framework in PHP5.
  2. wtcSQLite: A powerful tool used to visually administrate SQLite databases.
  3. LIMB: Content Managemen Framework with tree/OO based controller.
  4. phpDocGen: PHP Class Documentation Tools.
  5. Crafty: Crafty Compiling & Cascading Template Engine.
  6. Magma: An MVC Framework.
  7. MyObjects: Object Persistance Library and Class Generation Tools for Php 5 and MySql.
  8. phpClick: A web-based web application development tool targeted at nonprogrammers.
  9. PCubed: A templated Image Gallery.
  10. Zoom It! Photo Gallery: A Gallery Software that uses a database(mysql, postgresql and sqlite support) to store information about albums, photos, users, news and commentaries.

Bush and Kerry Friends


Amazing news: Bush and Kerry are actually friends.


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