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Tuesday, November 2, 2004


The Permutator misspells words and outputs possible domain names by replacing letter after letter.

What’s the use? For one thing, I want to see how many visitors I can attract using this method – often, I get several visitors a day because I mentioned phrases like “”. There’s no commercial value for me, but I’m curious why people land at my site whenever I mention certain domain names. If you like watching peaks in your statistics, you can choose another word (like Microsoft, or Yahoo), publish the result in your blog, and see who it attracts for what reasons.

Here is the Permutator result for Google:

Google Election Day Logo

Dirson shows the Google Election Day Logo (which is just visible in the US). Clicking on the logo takes you to a search for 2004 Election.

Fahrenheit 911 on German TV

If you’re in Germany you might want to see Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 tonight (23:20 on Sat1).


The Firefox Wayback extension adds a handy Wayback-This-Page link to the context menu for every page so you can check what it looked like years ago.


Opine-It aims to provide a way to post comments on any web page (unfortunately, you need to register to post). A Firefox extension is available.

Jargon Watch: Podcasting

“The term podcasting was coined by Dannie J. Gregoire and made popular by former MTV VJ and Dutch weblogger Adam Curry and RSS pioneer Dave Winer to describe succinctly the technology used to push audio content from websites down to consumers of that content, who typically listen to it on their iPod (hence the “pod”), or another audio player that supports the MP3 format, at their convenience.

The term podcasting is meant to rhyme with broadcasting”
Wikipedia: Podcasting (emphasis mine)

More Google Phishing

Paul at Netcraft [via Justin F.] writes:

“A young Italian computer scientist has discovered another phishing opportunity on one of Google’s web sites. This bug affects the domain, which Google use to serve their text and image based adverts.”


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