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Saturday, November 6, 2004


“Jonah Brucker-Cohen’s Bumplist stands out as an experiment in experimenting the social aspect of mailing lists. Bumplist, whose motto is “an email community for the determined”, is a mailing list for 6 people, which anyone can join. When the 7th user joins, the first is bumped and, if they want to be back on, must re-join, bumping the second user, ad infinitum. (As of this writing, Bumplist is at 87,414 subscribes and 81,796 re-subscribes.)”
– Clay Shirky, Group as User: Flaming and the Design of Social Software, November 5, 2004, [Via Feeeds.]


A very interesting data visualization at shows current images that are making news. The data is public for other developers to use. [Via Waxy at Feeeds.]

Votebomb the Most Evil Blog

So that everybody with a blog or other kind of web site may try out votelinks, and so that we can start history’s first Votebomb (see the post on Technorati’s new feature below), I created The Most Evil Blog in the World.
Please link to it using the following HTML so that we can see how Technorati treats it:

<a rel="vote-against" href="">The Most Evil Blog in the World</a>

Another Technorati Relaunch

Technorati greeted us with a relaunched site this morning, and I like it! First of all, the navigation has been integrated into the content area to make for even less clutter*.

*It’s nice to see how, after several incremental design steps, more and more tool sites realize what they are – just a tool, and not a web site (as in: a web site with a navigation bar, verbose introduction text, flashy design, and so on).

The site is also a lot faster now. This might be just a coincidence, and time will tell if Technorati maintains this speed.

Finally, Technorati shows faces next to web site links. I saw smiling faces, and I suppose there are frowning ones too, but I didn’t see one yet. If I understand it right Technorati connects this to vote links.
How vote links work: instead of just linking to a site from your blog (or other kind of web site), you can additionally let spiders know if you are for or against this site.

A “for” vote (if you approve of the site):
This is a <a rel="vote-for" href="">great site!</a>.

An “against” vote (if you disapprove of the site):
Don’t trust this <a rel="vote-against" href="">spyware portal</a>.

(There’s also a “vote-abstain" value, but of course you might as well leave the attribute out altogether in that case.)

Liz Lawley at Many 2 Many doesn’t like vote links too much and writes:

“Not everything is an election. Not everything is a “for” or “against.” Suppose, for example, I come across an extremely well-written article that I don’t agree with. Am I “for it” because I think it’s worth reading and considering? Or am I “against it” because I disagree with the content?”

More details on the Technorati relaunch straight from its CEO David Sifry.


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