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Friday, November 12, 2004

You Know You’re a Programming Geek When ...

And the number one sign you are a programming geek:

Firefox the Animal

You know Firefox the browser (formerly called “Firebird”), but do you know firefox the animal? It is actually not a fox, but bear – a bamboo-eating Red Panda – though it was formerly classified as raccoon. Google has firefox images.


“I’ve come to the conclusion that I really, really like the gmail “Delete Forever” button. I like the sense of finality to it. I’m not just deleting it, I’m deleting it to the depths of hell for all of eternity; forever. Just thought that I would let everyone know how happy that makes me.”
– Will Sickinger, Forever!!! (Most boring site on the web*), November 12, 2004

*The actual most boring site on the web is Precholecystectomy ERCP in follow up cases of gallstone pancreatitis. Is it necessary?

Firefox No Threat to IE?

“Steve Vamos, Microsoft Australia’s managing director, agreed, saying he does not believe IE’s market share is under attack following the recent high-profile debut of the Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox browser. (...)

Vamos, who admitted he has never used Firefox, said there is a lot of hype surrounding the open-source movement and that if Microsoft’s customers wanted new features, they would have told the company about it.”
– Munir Kotadia, Microsoft says Firefox not a threat to IE (C|Net), November 11, 2004

Shock vs Cheese

You need a lot of cheese to convince a hungry rodent to pass the electric grid. The rodent will only expose himself to shock if the goal looks compelling enough. A good metaphor for software and web usability as well: you only get away with bad interfaces if your product is uniquely useful.

Free Images

Usually I use Gimp Public Domain images if I’m looking for images free to re-use. Today I tried and it works well too. (To get a password for some restricted areas you need to register and click the opt-in link.)

Abandoned Humor Sites

Steve Baldwin of Ghost Sites points to dead humor sites.

Googlewhacker Interview

The latest B3ta newsletter interviewed Dave Gorman, creator of Googlewhack Adventures. (In the UK and Germany, you can order his DVD or CD.)

Blogger Languages

Parts of are now available in different languages. I get a German interface. I don’t know how to turn it back to English (and it’s not connected to the browser settings).

We’re Not Sorry

After the Sorry Everybody campaign, here’s the follow-up gallery: We’re Not Sorry. By the way, is still up for grabs. [Thanks Anthony in the forum.]

Google iPod

Here’s an image of a Google iPod.

Microsoft Search Blog

Microsoft launched their own official MSN Search weblog.

Daily Flickr Zeitgeist

You can include the following Flickr snippet to show off recent photos on your site:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


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