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Friday, November 19, 2004

Google Egypt (Photo)

This looks like an internet cafe in Egypt.

Google Local France, Germany, ...

Here’s Google Local France (then there’s Google Local Germany, Italy, and Spain, but I’m pretty sure at least Germany doesn’t work yet). [Via Zorgloob.]

Pubcon Gallery

Thanks to Luc van Braekel, who took some photos at the “Pubcon” conference in Las Vegas, November 16-18:

Goggoru SEO Contest

Adrian informed me about a large SEO contest taking place in Japan. The target word for the competition is “ゴッゴル”, Goggoru, a fantasy word defined by the organizer There are currently 900,000 result pages for this, which would make Goggoru one of the largest SEO contests in Google history. The winner will be chosen on December 20, 2004.


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