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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Media Mammon

Media Mammon is a stock market of “news, memes and hypes” checking Yahoo! News for up-to-date word frequencies. You can create an account to trade yourself. [Via Waxy at Feeeds.]

Google News: Bush Arrested

Some Flickr photos show automated Google News fell for a fake story right on the front-page: Canadian authorities arrest US President Bush on war charges.

New Yahoo Research Paper

The Yahoo Research lab isn’t getting lazy. Their latest paper (synopsis shown below) should be easy to understand for everyone. Everyone working in the field of rocket science, that is.

“In this paper we investigate the convergence of iterative stationary and Krylov subspace methods for the PageRank linear system, including the convergence dependency on teleportation. We demonstrate that linear system iterations converge faster than the simple power method and are less sensitive to the changes in teleportation. In order to perform this study we developed a framework for parallel PageRank computing. We describe the details of the parallel implementation and provide experimental results obtained on a 70-node Beowulf cluster.”

I understood “teleportation”, but it probably does not mean what I think it does...

Netscape 8?

Apparently, AOL is about to release a new version of Netscape based on an older version of Firefox (but users may switch to Internet Explorer as rendering engine). The AOL theme doesn’t look too bad...


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