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Friday, December 10, 2004

Google Suggest

Google has launched a brand new search tool: Google Suggest. As you type your query into the Google search box, terms will be suggested, and the number of result pages are immediately shown. This Google Lab wizardry performs in real-time without any noticeable delay, and works as one of the most usable cluster approaches I have seen; e.g. you can enter “blog”, add a blank, and use your up and down arrow keys to go through “blog software”, “blog search”, “blog templates” and so on. Hitting Return takes you straight to the result page.

Yahoo Desktop Search Coming?

“Yahoo Inc. is adding a tool to search computer hard drives as it scrambles to catch up with Google Inc. and stay a step ahead of Microsoft Corp. in the battle to help users sort through gobs of information on the Internet and the desktop.”
– AP, Yahoo turns to pioneering startup to expand into desktop search?, 2004/12/10 [Via Battelle.]

Secret Google

“Google, the search engine that helps you find just about anything on the Internet, does not want to be found – at least not here.

Almost without notice, the Internet search company has tiptoed about 100 employees and a significant investment into a windowless building in a Douglas County industrial park near Six Flags Over Georgia.”
– Walter Woods, Searching for Google, December 09, 2004

Movie Lines Googled

Can you guess which movie quotes are hiding behind these letters? Try the Google spellchecker for answers – Just copy the phrase into Google and hit “Search”.

Forum Questions

Here are some questions which have recently been asked in the forum. If you can answer any of these, your help is greatly appreciated!


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