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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Google 2005

Make a wish: what should the future bring for Google in 2005?

Cooper 2020

“Welcome to the Cooper 2020 presidential campaign website. Matt Cooper is a 21 year old college student running for president in the year 2020 because this will be the first election in which he will be old enough to qualify as a candidate.”

Back to the Future 4

“The year is 2005, and Marty McFly’s teenage son must travel back in time 20 years to 1985–to prevent his father from going back to 1955. Why? Well, I haven’t worked that out yet. But I know it would make a damn interesting film.”
– Sixtoe

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The Future History of Movies

(I created this in 1998 and, following up on the future theme, thought it might be of interest.)

2005: This year starts a new century for movie-making magic and will later be regarded as turning point. At the Oscar festivities, someone poisons all the statues. Everybody winning an Oscar dies within a week.

Sorry, we’re closed

2006: The Academy Awards this year are cancelled.

In 2008, the home cinema is perfected, a cheap apparatus to display movies on a blank wall. Less people go to the cinema, and most of the small ones have been closed by 2009. Some cinemas with gigantic dimensions survive in bigger cities. In New York, the building of the worlds biggest cinema, the Galactodrome, has begun. This cinema is financed by Bill Gates and is intended to combine the newest digital technology with very drastic architectural ideas.

The attempt to bring real interactiveness to movies finally dies in 2010 after a long time of trying. It seems that people in general are more happy when other take the responsibility of making choices.

2011 is the birth of the Political Correct Movie Foundation (PCMF). New movies showing a minority who is also a bad person will be censored and banned. Older movies with non-PC words are computer-analyzed and redubbed with alternative words. In 2012, Tarantino, Kubrick and many other directors are put into jail. In 2013, Kubrick’s Lolita gets burned in various cities in the USA and all around the world.

2016 marks the coming of smell to the movies. New technology allows to record things like a perfume. Many avantgarde directors take this new option seriously and create some very intriguing stuff. The first successful Nosematic movie is a 2017 German adaption of Patrick Süsskind’s novel The Perfume, directed by Helmut Dietl.

Enhance movies with Nosematic (TM) - THE Future Fragrance (Better then

In 2018, various 3d movie formats spread in the World Wide Web. Apple introduces Visualife, which combines the newest in 3d technology with the Nosematic, which has been bought by Kodak. Kodak is meanwhile heavily trying to find ways to intuitively model or define smells.

2019: Microsoft buys the rights to Visualife.

When in May 2020 Microsoft publishes the software package Homemade Movies Standard and Homemade Movies Advanced edition, the breakthrough of the “be your own director” movies begins. The software package allows to create a surrounding and actors, and tell them what to do. The movies can be exported to Visualife (VLF) format and be published on the ’net.

In 2021, Ecash is taking the final step in globalization and has replaced real money all over the world with virtual money. Coins become collectors items, as well as many other things of an older time. Virtual Cinemas open up all over the WWW, most notably, which is the first movie company to completely base their fortune on virtual ware and cash.

Movies in which one can taste things become a big flop in 2022 when they fail to also satiate.

In June 2023 the big flood of Canada brings great destruction to the country. In combination with the sudden shocking and unrelated meteor crash in Paris, the world’s artistic elite is bringing very pessimistic movies to the cinema. New directors, such as Italian Muferro, combine elements of monotony and silence. 2024, the world is confronted with Rome, Muferro’s 3 hour movie of a small black brick wall in Rome, showing the uselessness of urban life.

2024, with the suicide of Kubrick’s director son in jail, is the beginning of the formation of the Clockwork Orange Rebels England (CORE), who are fighting against censorship in movies. After an attack on the PCMF headquarter in Los Angeles, the group goes underground and is now declared illegal. In 2025, the development of SEnso-X-perience (SEX) Movies is bringing homemade cinema to a more adult area with the perfection of virtual touch hardware and body expansions.


2026: Tarantino is killed by an inmate, who was inspired by Natural Born Killers, as he later revealed in an interview with the Virtual Globe.

Finally, in 2027, the work on the Galactodrome in New York is finished. On the November opening (with the premiere of Titanic 4, a revisionist movie basically telling that nothing that big could ever have sunk), a bomb explodes in the heart of the building. Bill Gates barely survives and is brought to hospital, about 20 other people don’t make it. The CORE are made responsible. What is left of the Galactodrome makes place for a giant statue of Bill Gates.


2028: Microsoft buys Kodak and the rights to Nosematic.

After a long struggle, Bill Gates dies in 2029 in a Redmond Hospital. His daughter has taken over the business and now heads Microsoft. With the Windows 2-30 release on the internet in the year 2031, Microsoft ships the new version of its Virtualife Software, along with an Actor Library including such persons as Bogart or Monroe. Homemade movies are more and more replacing those from bigger directors.

2033: The PCMF forbids SEnso-X-perience when applied to erotic movies. This brings into existence a new genre, the Realternative, releasing horror movies with the added sensation of touch.

Netscape is bought by Microsoft, which now includes many virtual hardware in their 2034 package of Win 2-33 Explorer. Finally, smell has made it into homemade videos.

In 2036, Muferro’s 10 hour trilogy The Size of Red, a movie about a glass of water, is wildly applauded by critics and intellectual movie-goers worldwide. In 2037, Muferro is shot by a psychotic man, who later said he did it out of boredom.

Teen found dead

In June 2037, a Spanish teenager is killed while experiencing the Realternative horror movie Shlocker III. November 2037, has to remove the No-Barriers-Hold option from their software.

2038: Finally, Kodakolor Inc. has finished coloring all old black and white movies.

In 2039, a large part of the original CORE is caught by the PCMF-Task Force (PCMFTF). Other parts of the group manage to escape or stay hidden.

Virtualife Deluxe (VLD) is published in 2040 with Win 2-38.This is a turning point for movies. Finally, sound, smell, 3d optics, and the Passive Touch(PaT, where you can touch things in movies, but you cannot be touched) are combined into this accepted standard. Microsoft’s new Movie Filter Plug-In includes such directors as Scorsese, Fellini, and Hitchcock. Microsoft buys the rights to all of the styles in which these persons made movies and it is now illegal for independent film-makers to create movies inspired by them.
2041: The COrporation of Fellow Fanatic moviE-goErs (COFFEE), brought into life by Sun strongly but unsuccessfully opposes the movement of homemade movies and virtual directors a la Microsoft. The copyright hassle in 2042 marks the end of Sun, amongst many other destructive forces.

2042: Realternative goes bankrupt.

In 2044, the Brain Chip replaces virtual hardware. Internet connection is now possible via satellite, and you can experience VLD Movies by basically lying down and relaxing, while the information is transferred in realtime. With the success of the Random Blockbuster Creation (RBC) software package in 2046, movie making is degraded to its utmost simplicity.

The Brainchip

2047: The term “movie-goer" is deleted from IBM’s WWW-Encyclopedia. Common people have stopped to go anywhere at all.

2048: With the unexpected death of Lynch at the age of 102 after heart failure, no famous movie maker is alive anymore. CORE, in a last attempt to change the movie scene, tries to hack various WWW sites such as They fail and commit a final suicide act in the ruins of the last real life cinema somewhere in Europe. The PCMFTF-News Channel (PCMFTFNC) brings the gory details to the world.

In 2049, every known actor alive prior to 2002 has been digitized and converted to the VLD Library, to be included into Win 2-46, which will be installed on 98% of the brain chips world wide. The RBC-Professional software package does now create VLD movies in realtime, with a repetition factor next to zero.

In February 2050, Bill Gates’ wife dies. The police find her holding a script in her arms titled “Why my Husband Poisoned the Oscars”. Bill Gates’ daughter, who managed to become first female President of the USA, bans the book for unknown reasons.

Around this year, most agree that the film creation process is dead. Screen Writers, Cutters, Music Makers, Smell Creators, Directors and so on have been replaced by computer programs. Movies are now considered a sport rather then art. To some of the older people, as far as movies are concerned, this is the end.

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