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Friday, December 31, 2004

Googling New Year’s Resolutions

20 Years of Windows

2005 will see the anniversary of 20 years of Microsoft Windows 1. (For the record, here’s Windows 2, and 3.)

Google on 60 Minutes

Google this Sunday gets profiled on US TVs 60 Minutes.

Google New Year’s Logo 2005

Google launched its New Year’s logo (this is a direct link to the image, and I can’t see the logo on the main page at this moment.) The logo shows a “2005” as colored shadow behind the letters “Google”, and looks a lot cooler than the cartoon animals we had in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Google’s still-not-public Gmail has a special 2005 logo as well. [Via Dirson.]

Google vs Open Source Community

Krzysztof Kowalczyk in “Google - we take it all, give nothing back” complains Google Inc. isn’t giving back to the Open Source community:

“Let’s estimate how much money did Google save by using open source software that they would otherwise have to purchase. The operating system for tens of thousands of their computers. Web servers they use. All the Unix utilities they use. Editors, compilers and debuggers they use to write their code. E-mail smtp server. E-mail pop servers. Languages like Perl and Python. Databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. It’s safe to say that if Richard Stallman was never born, the licenses for those kinds of software would cost them tens of millions of dollars.

And what does Google contribute back? Where are their patches to gcc, gdb, python, postgresql, sendmail, emacs? (...)

Is Google (or any other company) that benefits so much from open-source obliged to contribute back? And I don’t mean in a token way, like donating $100 to Mozilla foundation. I’m talking about investing at least 10% of estimated savings back into open source. Either by donating money to established venues like EFF, FSF, Mozilla Foundation or by hiring developers to spend all their time developing the code for open-source projects.”


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