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Friday, January 14, 2005

Tron 2

Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News reports a Tron sequel (a remake) is in the making. Harry quotes Variety, who quotes screenwrite Lee Sternthal: “The new conceit is that the computer programmer gets trapped in a cyberworld, so that the film can utilize the Internet.”
What kind of movie would you wish for the Tron 2 remake?


So-called Tags (keywords attached to web content for the purpose of categorizing it) are very popular at the moment. Yet – taking up the role of the architecture astronaut – there is no big difference in them to plain search results except for the nicer URL, and often, RSS. But If I include the following line in my Apache server’s “.htaccess” file ...

RewriteRule ^tag/([a-z]+)/ search.php?q=$1&is_tag=1

... I can now create my own tags by connecting them to this site’s Google-powered search engine:
Orkut, Flickr, Zawodny, Waxy, Future, FindForward, Evil, Wired.

(As you can see by checking the HTML of the tags pages, I do include a meta-line to prevent search engines from spidering the content of these pages. Why? So I don’t pollute search engine results with search engine results.)

Whois Firefox Extension

As you probably know a Whois lookup reveals the owner of a domain (e.g. Google Inc. is the owner of – but did you know there’s a nice Firefox Whois search extension? [Via Chris Sherman.]

Froogle/ Gmail Vulnerability?

“An Israeli hacker has uncovered a flaw in Froogle, Google’s price-comparison service, which could allow access to users’ Gmail accounts. Nir Goldshlager, who discovered the flaw, warned that URL-embedded Javascript could end up causing personal information to be revealed.

If users execute the script by clicking a link, they would be redireted to a malicious website. From there, hackers can read a user’s cookie. It may contain personal information, such as purchase histories, or the username and password used to access Google services - such as Gmail.”
– David Bennett, Froogle/Gmail Hack Warning, 14 Jan 2005

Video Google

The Visual Geometry Group has a Video Google Demo in which “the goal is to retrieve objects or scenes in a movie with the ease, speed and accuracy with which Google retrieves web pages containing particular words.” [Via Mark in the forum.]

Googlin (Image)

Nice license plate: Googlin.

Google Desktop for Networks

Here are details on how to use Google Desktop to search a network. This can be useful if you want to have Google search capabilities at work for your office, but you can’t afford the Google search appliance (or Google Mini).

Technorati Tags

Technorati now offers tags. The Google tag page combines results from the general blogspace as indexed by Technorati, as well as images from Flickr, and links from However the page itself does not seem to offer RSS of these items. [Via Waxy.]

Visual Google

“While most of us snap silly candids with our cameraphones, computer vision researcher Hartmut Neven is leveraging the ubiquity of digital cameras to google the world.

Neven’s eyes are on the future though. His long-term goal is to bring biometrics to the mobile masses and hyperlink the world through a system best described as ’a visual Google.’”
Hyperlinking the World, Thu Jan 13


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