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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Feeeds Audio

The new Feeeds Audio is the latest addition to feed overviews. This one only contains podcasts (audio posts). If you have good RSS feeds to add, let me know in the forum as the page is still growing.


BlogPet is a little creature for your Blogger homepage. When you install your pet it will read your blog when you update it, guess what kind of mood you’re in and tell visitors what it thinks. And sometimes the pets know a few jokes too!

It’s similar to a Tamigotchi, except it doesn’t need food or water. The only thing your BlogPet loves is the sound of your voice!”

They are working on version 2...

Arkanoid Speed Run (Video)

Here’s Arkanoid [AVI] like you probably never played it before. (More at’s Speed Runs.)

Blog Tips

Steve Rubel points to Brian Bailey, who has some tips to improve your blog. I find the following the most interesting (even though speaking for myself, it’d be hard to apply as I’m in the European time zone):

“If one of your desires is to generate traffic, try to publish during high traffic hours. Many people scan and other services (including TypePad and many TypePad member sites) for recently updated weblogs. Also, publishing during prime waking/working hours will give other writers time to comment, link, or respond to your post. A brilliant post in the middle-of-the-night will often get buried by the morning rush of fresh content.”


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