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Monday, January 17, 2005

Top 100 Flickr Groups

Here are the top 100 groups at photo community Flickr. [Via PlasticThinking.]

Google NoFollow

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There’s a rumor going around the web Google will soon ignore links on the web which have the rel="nofollow” attribute. Steve Rubel says “this would change the economics behind why people comment spam popular blogs – to boost their Google search rank.”
Don’t place your bets just yets... Google never put much weight on anything meta (because it won’t work universally).

More in the forum.

Yahoo Blog Predictions

David Jackson predicts Yahoo will buy Six Apart of TypePad within six months. (And here’s why Google should buy Technorati.)

Google’s Dark Fiber

“Is Google planning to build a global fiber optic network from scratch? And, if so, why?

The question has cropped up in light of a recent job posting on the search engine giant’s Web site seeking experts in the field. (...)

A Google spokesman declined to elaborate on the job posting. Still, it raises some tantalizing thoughts, including the long-shot chance that the company is laying the groundwork to jump into the telecommunications business.”
– Evan Hansen, Google wants ’dark fiber’ (CNET), January 17, 2005

Open Letter to Spammers

This open letter to spammers is safe for work, unless you read it out loud.

Google-like Blog

InsaneCats is a blog with a Google UI. [Via Zawodny.]

Rate My Network

[Geeks] is just what is sounds like – a place for sys-admins to hang out and share.


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