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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Google Raises Word Limit to 32

Google greatly advances its web search by raising the word limit to 32 words. Previously, only up to 10 words were allowed. While some may never have wanted to cross the 10-word limit, it can be crucial to different tasks:

So far, there were some tricks to get around the limit, but none worked completely and all had their downsides:

Now that Google gives us 32 words as native search feature, hacks like these will be a thing of the past. (Of course, you may still need them if you want to stretch your search to cover 33 words...)

Zmarties, who reported this news in the forum, says:

“This is great news – whilst the casual user [won’t] notice the difference, the power searcher was often hitting this limit. Now it’s possible to do much more targeted searches, using the - operator much more to exclude words you know are of no interest. There’s a whole bunch of other applications that benefit from raising the limit, and plenty of partial workarounds that are now redundant – a Google search shows many of them.”

Zmarties also points out that while the 32-word limit is used in the main Google search, Google Images, Froogle and the Google Web API, the 10-word limit still applies for Google Groups and Google News.


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