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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Yahoo Product Placement

What do you think of product placement? In a time where marketing and communication is all about TNT (trust ’n’ truth), it does seems kind of fishy.

“[Yahoo] will produce and sell ads for The Contender and The Apprentice, which in turn is getting Yahoo into the shows. You’re Fired? Well, here’s a taxi to take you away with a Yahoo HotJobs sign. Other Yahoo properties are going to be placed in the show, including Yahoo Search.”
– Danny Sullivan, Yahoo & Reality TV Product Placement Deal, Jan. 21, 2005

More from the Is Yahoo Evil? Dept. (this is old news, but I wasn’t aware of this): Yahoo works with the Chinese government to censor specific “sensitive” topics. CNet editor Charles Cooper says:

“If a foreign regime is intent on blocking sites that carry “sensitive” news, there’s not much an Internet provider can do. So goes the claim. Very well, but at least avoid being complicit. (...) Bad precedents like these won’t make things any easier for the people who literally risk their lives to reveal the truth.”


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