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Monday, January 24, 2005

Gillmor on Search Privacy

Dan Gillmor, journalist blogger and author of public domain book We the Media was interviewed in a recent episode of ITConversations. The whole podcast is interesting, but here’s his take on the coming of “Google biographies” (my transcript):

“We know if we put it out there, it will be findable again. And, you know, that argues for at least a little bit of caution. Because someday, when people are applying for jobs, I think it’s inevitable there will be searches for things they’ve written and said.

And I think the positive side of that is, over time, everyone will have said something stupid, and/ or offensive, and/ or “I really wish I hadn’t said that.” At that point we will all cut each other some slack, which we really need to do. And at some point, we will elect a president who said stuff on her teenage blog that makes her absolutely turn into someone who wishes she could go hide in a corner.

But that’s, in the end, I think gonna be good – if we express ourselves and recognize all of us say stupid things from time to time, and that we all say things we regret, [we realize] things we said in our youth may not be fair to hold against us when we are a lot older.”


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