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Thursday, February 3, 2005

Wired Covers SEO

Wired today briefly covers search engine optimization in Googling the Bottom Line.

The GoogleGuys

“The GoogleGuys are kind of like muppets: you want to throw them in a box and bring them home for your kids to play with (they may not like that). How about Sergey and Larry action figures, fighting the evil overlord Bill with their sunshine superpowers and mega Power Rangers dual mind. The scary thing is that they themselves are a kind of biotech parallel processing supercomputer, communicating with each other through some secret Ultra WiFi tele-mind network, seeing and knowing all. Muppet velociraptors, hunting in pairs, killing you with their utter Googleness. They really are Google. They just ooze utter Googleness. It’s a shiny, happy place in GoogleLand, and all of the rules have changed. They gave me that hey dude, we know you hacked your way in too, but we found the cheat code book. We are so far ahead its sick. And we’re holding back like, so much. We’re the new dungeonmasters, the new sysops. This is like the ultimate video game and they won and now they own the arcade. They have infinite bonus lives, unlimited ammo, and they found the source code and are now building mods as they go. Wozniak, Jobs, Captain Crunch – hackers of the world – the Google guys have smoked you beyond belief. They have hacked in and taken over the kernel, and boy are they having fun.”
– Rony Abovitz, The Google Guys, February 1, 2005 [Via Battelle.]

Destroying Google With $100 Million?

“Tom Foremski has come up with what he believes is a huge “vulnerability” in Google’s AdWords business model. The business model works because the clicks on the ads are legitimate. If the clicks aren’t, then the model becomes troublesome – which is why Google and others are so concerned about click fraud and look for ways to stop it. So, Foremski’s “atom bomb" for Google would be if a random billionaire offered $100 million to the first person to click on a specific Google ad – without telling anyone (of course) what ad it is. In other words, this billionaire will have given millions of people the incentive to commit clickfraud – destroying the basis under which the AdWords system works.”
– Mike, How To Destroy Google With $100 Million, February 3rd, 2005

The Onion’s Google in 2005

The Onion predicts what’s in store for Google in 2005.

Google Local on Front-page

The Google Local service has moved to the Google homepage as new tab (that’s and, only).


Gizoogle is a “Gangsta” search engine, not unlike Google but using street slang... take a look at the results for your own name. [Thanks Markus R.]

Ask Jeeves Blog

Search engine now has its own weblog. [Via SEW.]


Yahoo introduces the contextual search technology Y!Q, the Y!Q DemoBar, and Y!Q tags for developers to embed. With Y!Q you are supposed to find related content by using the web page you’re on as starting point. Jeremy Zawodny in the Yahoo blog writes:

“[Y!Q] puts search right where you need it and incorporates the context of your searches. Y!Q is a cool DHTML module that embeds contextual search directly into a web page. (...)

If you’re wondering about the name, it’s play on “IQ”. Knowledge often comes from combining information with the relevant context, so it seemed like an appropriate name.”

You can try this out with Firefox as well.


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