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Friday, February 4, 2005

More Google Auto Linker

Further testing my Google Auto Linker tool, I wanted to stray some grand ideas to check if they’ve been put online before. So let’s begin the brainstorming, with a slight focus on digital illusions and slave machines. A machine so great it would make us forget why we invented it. A machine so great we forgot we invented it before.World peace through more relaxed politicians. Guns which fail to shoot, making them less deadly. Bill Gates for President. A programming language so easy, even kids can learn it in a day. A visual programming language made up of draggable icons. A new kind of browser which integrates fantastic new navigation aids. A new form of weblog software which converts your speech to text. Wireless everything connecting to anything else without further ado or installation. Windows which never needs to be rebooted, and for which the boot- up time would take less than 2 seconds. A survivor- like TV show which replaces survivors with geeks, and the adventure setting with a chess club. A script which tells random stories for kids to read. A robot which writes adult fiction for everyone to enjoy. Paper books with animated covers. A machine which could be fed old movies to make sequels out of them. A machine which can colorize black and white movies. A machine which listens to all of our wishes. A machine to tell us the future. A telephone which would automatically jump to our ear once we’re called up. A telephone integrated right into our ears, permanently. A car which drives on its own. A robot slave who does the dishes. A robot slave who cleans up your room. A robot slave who goes to work for you in case you’re lazy or sick. A cure for all diseases. 3D television which makes life- like effects and has sharks jump at you in Jaws. A new web site offering all sorts of big money prizes for people who solve puzzles which are put all around the web. Adventure tours through a fake jungle along with head- hunters and fake bonobos. A robotic bird which picks your groceries. Television for cats. TV shows for dogs. A remote control which understands when a show becomes boring, and zaps accordingly. A politeness checker in the spirit of grammar or spelling checkers.


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