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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Ask Jeeves Buys Bloglines

What has been a rumor in the past week became official today: Search engine Ask Jeeves announced they acquired RSS aggregator Bloglines. The blog fleshes out a mission statement by Jim Lanzone:

“First and most importantly, our primary focus will be on building the Bloglines service to fulfill [Bloglines CEO Mark Fletcher’s] vision for it, adding resources to their toolbox to get there faster and better. (...)

In terms of integration with Ask Jeeves, one of our first priorities will be to pair the Bloglines team with our Teoma search technology team to build world-class blog search. We’ll also help distribute Bloglines to a broader audience, from MyJeeves to the portal properties we own that collectively make Ask Jeeves the 7th ranked property on the Web.”

Technorati is about to get even fiercer competition once Bloglines offers a front-page interface for their already great (but completely hidden) backlinks checker; let’s hope they do. Let’s also hope Bloglines now have the time and money to redo their currently messy translations.


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