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Tuesday, February 8, 2005


I’m not exactly sure how the Flash-based OrganicHTML works, but it grows a flower based on any URL you provide it. [Via Kottke.]

More Page-Count Math

Jean Véronis does some more calculations trying to figure out why Google's page-count number is so flaky and doesn't add up. An interesting bit is at the end of the article: depending on how often you repeat a certain keyword, strangely enough, you will get a different page-count. Let's take the word "test":

test                      261,000,000
test test                  45,300,000
test test test             45,200,000
test test test             54,000,000
test test test test test   55,000,000

As you can see, as soon as you enter a keyword twice you will be in a completely different page-count league. Repeating it three times or more will not change the results so drastically anmore. Jean suggests typing a keyword twice will likely reveal the real count, and adds "in all likelihood, the Google engineers simply forgot to plug the extrapolation routine at the end of the boolean module."

Turn Handwriting Into Font

If you want to turn your handwriting into a font, you need a scanner, a printer, and $9 to spend at Fontifier. [Via Kempa.]

Computer Cartoons

Here are computer and internet cartoons found via Google Images:

Online banking, Old acquaintances, 600 DPI, Internet economy vs investors, Cogito, ergo sum, W-O-O-F, Computer air bag, Intimidated, Worm, not virus, Breakfast in Silicon Valley, Nut on the keyboard, Blocks simulated, Brain backup, Search for intelligent life, Charlie Brown in virtual reality, Cancelling tech support, Deleting spam, File conversion, Cyber, Inventing the wheel, Dislikes, Early tech support, #11, Dummies, 5 minutes, Patient knows more, Cookies, Proud chatter, Email jokes, Bartender, Big cell phone, Air spam.

Pupna Fetch Engine

This one goes to the Humor Department: Pupna is a new search engine puppy that retrieves exactly what you are searching for... and nothing else.

Orkut Hate

There’s some concern over hate groups in Google’s Orkut community, CNet reports:

“Communities have been created around a shared interest in photography, Miles Davis’s music and travel to offbeat places. A small minority, however, advance a hatred for Jews, blacks or gays, including a ’Death to the Jews’ site and a site called ’Death to Blacks.’”

Adult Google

While there’s no official “Google Adult”, you can enter a side-alley at into a more “blue” world: the Google Directory’s adult section. This part of the Google Directory is not linked from the Google Directory start page, and yet you can directly access it from the browser address bar. There you will find saucy sections such as Adult > Society > Sexuality > Fetishes > Sneezing. All links here, of course, originate at the Open Directory Project


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