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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Ghost Sites Mousepad

This mousepad exclusively displays dot-com failures. (I’m currently reading F’d Companies, which renewed my interest in the historical 2000 web bubble burst. More recent dead ends can be googled by searching for “Sorry, we’re closed.”)

Google Maps Terraserver Split Screen Viewer

Jason Striegel made a nice little hack to access longitude and latitude on Google Maps, and show the according satellite imagery next to it. Scroll down in his post and click “Map it” to run the split screen. Another recent Google Maps hack is this collection of bookmarklets, but I can’t quite get them to work. [Via Waxy.]

Yahoo RSS Crawler?

Is Yahoo building a Technorati-like blog and news search engine? It’s true of the big three search engines, Yahoo gets RSS the most (followed by MSN and Google, in that order).

In other news, the Yahoo blog points to this europop video of a guy singing [SWF]. The video has been around for a while, but I never realized he sings “My Yahoo!”


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