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Monday, February 14, 2005

Meet On IRC

If you like to discuss Google, online research, Gmail, SEO, or any other topic, you can now meet up at Undernet’s #blogoscoped chat channel. You can either join in our Java-based IRC client, or log on via a program like mIRC. To change your nick, type e.g. "/nick John” (no quotes). [Thanks to Richard Dunlop-Walters in the forum for the idea.]

Mark Jen’s Ads

Ex-Googler Mark Jen reveals the last remaining secret... who put up the Google Ads pointing to his blog a while ago, and why? Mark in his latest post says (case adjusted):

“Which reminds me, in case any of you out there were wondering, I took out those Google AdWords ads promoting this blog. I did it so I could get a jump start on getting to know the Google ads system. It was one of those start-up assignments you get at a new job where you are supposed to familiarize yourself with the product.”

Google Valentine’s Logo

Google shows off a Valentine’s logo today. So does Froogle with two hearts reading “Find me” and “Be mine.”. Gmail, Google Images and others stay without a special celebration logo today.

The main Google logo links to a search for “Valentine’s Day”, and the top hit is the History Channel’s History of Valentine’s Day. Usually the top hit for a special logo will get major traffic, and often stress the server to the point its down. At least for Valentine’s Day, those who know Google may have been prepared.

Valentine’s Candy

Love My GOOG

The ACME heart maker creates your own customized candy valentine. [Via J-Walk.]

Dave Sifry (Audio)

Technorati’s Dave Sifry speaks at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, October 6, 2004.

Google Extranet Service?

A source close to Google told me Google is working on an extranet service with a Gmail-like interface. The new collaboration software would allow users to upload files, get on the same page together, view thumbnails, perform massive searching, assign tasks to each other and more. I do not have further information yet, nor do I know if this is true, but I emailed Google and will post updates here.

Update: Google declined to comment on any details.

Update 2: Another source close to Google said this may just be the intranet system Google uses to share files. You can upload Word documents to view them as HTML, perform search, and so on.


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