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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

IE7 Beta This Summer?

The official Internet Explorer blog says there will be an IE7 Beta released this summer. If the blog post is an indicator of what’s to come, I’m underwhelmed:

“This new release will build on the work we did in Windows XP SP2 and (among other things) go further to defend users from phishing as well as deceptive or malicious software. (...) Please know that the IE team is working hard. We’re eager to improve and better secure the web experience for the hundreds of millions of IE users around the world.”

While the focus on security is absolutely necessary, where is the commitment to developers here with a mention of better XHTML and CSS support? Or what about some real surprises other than bug-fixes, along the lines of RSS, SVG, and so on? [Via J-Walk.]

What should Internet Explorer 7 bring?

Google Hacks Honeypot

There are different types of Google hacks, and some are intended to expose sensitive information clueless webmasters left on their servers. Potentially, this information can then be used for evil purposes (which, we should add, transforms it into Google Cracking). The Google Hack Honeypot 1.0 aims to lure those trying to uncover this sort of information via a search engine into their fake site.

GHH “is designed to provide reconaissance against attackers that use search engines as a hacking tool against your resources. GHH implements honeypot theory to provide additional security to your web presence. Coded in PHP and released under the GNU General Public License – GHH is Free Open Source Software.” I currently can’t reach their download page, but maybe you are more lucky. As with all PHP code you’d run on your server, make sure you trust the site and its creators. [Via ResearchBuzz.]

Update: The download is working now.

Brin Junior and Senior

Interesting – Microsoft’s Philip Su looks back on his high school days, and he attended the same high school as Google co-founder Sergey Brin:

“I attended the same high school as Sergey Brin, co-founder of a verb called “Google.” Sergey dropped out in 1990, the year I started at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. By all accounts, he was extremely bright. But from the little I’ve heard of him via direct anonymous sources (*cough* former-math-teacher *cough*), he was quite cocky about his intellect, often trying to prove teachers of various subjects (read: Math) just how wrong they were. But this is utterly forgivable, given that almost any successful self-respecting computer scientist went through such a phase during his teenage years.”

Philip also took classes with Sergey’s father, professor Dr. Michael Brin, and recollects:

“In addition to being precocious Sergey’s father, Dr. Brin was also my favorite professor at the University of Maryland. He taught what was easily the most enjoyable class in my college career. (...)

Dr. Brin is a first-rate orator who begins every class with a smoke. Well, usually he’d show up, pose a rather vexing problem, and then escape for a cigarette in the midst of the ensuing confusion.”

[Via InsideGoogle.]

Nobodies Fight Back for Domains (Humor)

“Spare a thought for David Google of Wakefield. He studied photography for three years at Wakefield’s illustrious St. Clematis Comprehensive School, two years at Rumpole College of Further Education, four years at the Central University of Peebles in mid Wales, and then served as an assistant to a local wedding photographer for the last three years. Now, as he plans to finally reveal his online portfolio, he discovers his name has been bagged by cybersquatters. “You’d think with a name like Google no-one would have registered the domain name before now,” a distraught Google told The Rockall Times. “I’d never heard of Google until I went to to register me domain.”
– Bob Wallet, Nobodies fight back in domain name turf war, 14th February 2005 [Via Zawodny.]

Finding Pizza in Redmond

The MSN Search doesn’t seem to deliver what they promised in an ad. [Via Waxy.]


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