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Saturday, February 19, 2005


This works fast in Internet Explorer or Opera, but not Firefox: HypnoMovement explodes and shuffles an image to then reconnect it.

This is PHP which outputs DHTML. Do you have an image you would like to see HypnoMoved? Let me know. (And if you have any idea how to speed this up in Firefox, let me know too: you can simply copy the full HTML, as it has all JavaScript and CSS included in one file.)

Images and XMLHTTP With PHP

Here’s a good introduction on how to create images with PHP, and an introduction to using XMLHTTP to make PHP talk to JavaScript.

First Image on the Web

Apparently, this is the first image ever put on the World Wide Web. [Via Waxy.]

Crunkie’s Virtual Graffiti

Crunkie is a new, free service for your mobile phone and the Web that combines social networking, mobile blogging, and geographic location. With Crunkie, you can browse interactive maps on your mobile phone or online. (...)

[With] Crunkie on your phone, you can post location-tagged photos and content on a map of your area. Think post-it notes and photos on a map, but now you can post, share, and broadcast to your friends or anyone else.”

This “location-based blogging” service so far seems to be available for only Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Cannes, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, Newark, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC. [Thanks Kim in the forum.]


The mSpace project aims to combine iTunes with Google to explore the Semantic Web. [Via Feeeds.]

Google Dog

I think this dog’s called Google.

Miserable Failure Located

Interesting: when you search Google Maps for miserable failure in washington dc, the first result will be “President: George W Bush, (202) 456-1414, The White House.” [Via Feeeds.]

Wikipedia Ads

The Wikipeda is again asking for donations to finance their hardware. I wonder why they don’t just use Google AdSense on their pages? They could be turned off once you are logged in. I’m sure reasonable people wouldn’t mind about ads, and anything that would make the site faster would be good.


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