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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pink Panther and Sin City Trailer

I didn’t know the Pink Panther was back. The trailer looks nice. Like almost anyone I’m a big fan of the original Blake Edwards series with Peter Sellers. Peter Sellers was a true chameleon in acting, even more-so than Robert DeNiro or others who received the title. Probably we shouldn’t even start comparing the new Inspector Clouseau, Steve Martin, with the old one, Peter Sellers... and rather just enjoy the movie.

And then, there’s the Sin City trailer. I really like the film-noirish Sin City comic books by Frank Miller (who I met in Germany about a decade ago when he signed them). Sin City’s black-and-white is more colorful than most comic books which actually do have color (and often, too much).
Before Sin City, Frank Miller was best known for revamping Batman. (He, along with John Byrne, Alan Moore, and Neil Gaiman – responsible for the New Superman, the Watchmen, and the Sandman, respectively – gave super hero comic books a more adult face in the 80s.)

GeoURL Back

It looks like is back up as version 2.0. In short, “GeoURL maps geographic locations to websites letting you lookup websites near a location.” But, according to a webmaster, “the site has been behaving like a yoyo.” (I’ve been playing around with the site’s data a while ago for FindForward, only to see it disappearing without a trace.) [Via Waxy.]

Chat at the End of the Universe

The chat has been further updated and as of today supports multiple rooms. You can now chat at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.


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