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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Behind Google Movies

Google recently introduced movie search (using the “movie:” operator). The Internet Stock blog checks which services are under the hood. [Thanks David J.]

First MP3

Previously, we could gaze at the first image one the web; now here’s the first MP3 ever – it was “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega:

“Because the song depends on very subtle nuances of Vega’s inflection, the algorithm would have to be very, very good to select the most important parts of the sound file and discard the rest. So [inventor of MP3 Karlheinz Brandenburg] tested each refinement of his system with “Tom’s Diner.” He wound up listening to the song thousands of times, and the result was a code that was heard around the world. When an MP3 player compresses music by anyone from Courtney Love to Kenny G, it is replicating the way that Brandenburg heard Suzanne Vega.”

[Via redesigned Gadgetopia.]

CSS Zen Garden Gallery

If you’re looking for web design inspiration, you can now browse the CSS Zen Garden project visually. [Via Waxy.]

Acronym Generator

GPA means “Google Point Average” – according to the Acronym Liar, which will create an acronym containing a word you provide. YAHOO on the other hand means “Yahoo Another Hierarchical Organized Oracle”, which you’ll agree sort of makes sense. [Via Generator Blog.]

Dramatic AutoLink Panel Discussion Video

BetterBadNews put up a funny 12-minute video targetting the somewhat hyped controversy surrounding Google AutoLinks. [Via InsideGoogle.]

Breier on Copyright

Wikipedia-user Sebastian Breier has an insightful follow-up to the copyright discussion. Did you know you’re not supposed to make a photo of the lit Eiffel tower at night?


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