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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Blogging on NDR Delayed

Spreeblick says the coverage of bloggers, which was supposed to be on NDR’s Zapp tonight, has been delayed and will possibly air next week (I posted on this recently).

Tonight, Zapp covers Jamba ring tones [WMV, short excerpt], a story which also left its mark in German blogspace a while ago.

Search is a Platform (Audio)

ITConversations has a podcast on search as a platform: where is it going? John Battelle moderates a panel of experts, including Steve Berkowitz of Ask Jeeves, Christopher Payne of MSN, Udi Manber of A9, and Jeff Weiner of Yahoo.

Google Bans Self

Funny: Danny Sullivan reports Google banned one of its own pages for cloaking. (Google says their keyword stuffing was not intentionally public.)


I’ve been told by a press release the new FactBites crosses a search engine with an encyclopedia. Too bad it doesn’t contain a huge variety of topics, and also, doesn’t always return very meaningful results.

Yahoo Publisher Network Teaser

If you’re a webmaster, you can now sign up to receive an email alert once Yahoo launches their ad program (or whatever it is they planned for us). If this is indeed a YahooSense to come, we can hope they pay better than the big G does.

Note that once you enter your email in the single field, a new window will pop up asking for more information to subscribe to this alert – the site will change to, and requires at least your first name, web site URL, and number of monthly visits (kind of Web 1.0 to require so much from a different domain, when the original intent was to sign up for a simple alert).

[Via Battelle.]

Brainboost Gets a Boost

ResearchBuzz reports “answer engine” Brainboost is now available in an updated version. It correctly answered my default question “When was Albert Einstein born?”

Google Suggest Japanese

Ajax-based Google Suggest is now available in Japanese language, as ResearchBuzz points out.

Guys Don’t Link?

Do men link less (or more selective) than women, and if so, why? Shelley Powers investigates. [Via Threadwatch.]

Hacking Google Print

Kuro5hin is hacking Google Print...


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