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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Patternizer B

After Patternizer, I created Patternizer B. It works differently than Patternizer because it creates a more traditional photo mosaic.

Each image is split into tiles of 60*60 pixels and then compared to 40,000 thumbnails using PHP5. The thumbnails have been pre-analyzed in BlitzBasic to make for a more compressed data structure (they have been compressed into tiles of 10 with a median color, and each red, green and blue can have values from 0-25 only).
The thumbnails were downloaded from Yahoo using the Yahoo API, which was fed with semi-random words from a dictionary database (around 1,000 words, chosen upon their popularity – their Google PageCount – with 50 results each).

Here are results, best viewed when far away from the screen:


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