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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Sorcier Glouton SEO Contest

The French SEO (Search Engine Optimization) community is currently battling it out for the phrase “sorcier glouton” (greedy wizard) on MSN. This is new contest after “mangeur de cigogne” (eaters of stork). Jerome C. told me:

“The goal of the contest, who’s open to everyone, is to take the first place on MSN Search. (...) Entry to the sorcier glouton competition is open to everybody, worldwide. (...)

No method of SEO and promotion is prohibited. In part this competition exists to test the strengths and weaknesses of MSN Search.”

The deadline is June 2005, and there are currently 71,401 results in MSN (and 626,000 in Google). Some people even advertise their site by paying for Google AdWords. More information on this SEO contest can be found at the French-language Promoweb.

Update: Jan points out the contest is being played on the French


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