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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Google X Gone

It looks like Google X, the new search tool in the style of Mac OS X published today, is gone. The page itself cannot be found anymore, and there’s no link in the Google Labs. Only the Google Blog entry can still be seen. Did Apple threaten to sue Google?

Update: Google did not want to comment on this.

Yahoo 360 Coming

You can now register to receive updates on the upcoming Yahoo 360, a photo-sharing and blogging software with a twist: you can control who sees what. Also, you are supposed to be able to blog from your phone, review local businesses, and let friends tune in to your Yahoo music station.

After the Yahoo Publisher Network, this is the second time lately where Yahoo makes you sign up for an upcoming feature... why don’t they just release their stuff when it’s ready? FUD?* Or a modern way of collecting emails?

[Via Slashdot.]

*LWeb defines FUD: “Abbreviation for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. (...) A good example of FUD is Microsoft’s tactic of pre-announcing products far in advance of their actual availability. All of a sudden the market for competing products evaporates as customers await a dominating Microsoft product.”

Dave Winer, White Male

Dave Winer of reacts to the “lack of diversity in blogosphere” meme created by Steven Levy by adding gender and skin color to everyone he links to for a day. (Here’s Jeff Jarvis’ take on the issue.)
In general, I found Levy’s piece – the whole discussion, to which I’m adding to now, I guess, but in particular Levy’s piece – kind of annoying. He successfully trolled “So why, when millions of blogs are written by all sorts of people, does the top rung look so homogeneous? It appears that some clubbiness is involved. Suitt puts it more bluntly: ’It’s white people linking to other white people!’ (...) The top-down mainstream media have to some degree found the will and the means to administer such care. But is there a way to promote diversity online, given the built-in decentralization of the blog world?”
As I previously told Nathan Weinberg, I wouldn’t know the color of most bloggers I read, nor do I care. I’m pretty sure that’s the case for most of us out there.


Yet another API-based font generator, it seems: Amaztype [Flash] creates letters out of any popular word. The keyword is fed to Amazon, wich returns product images. Don’t expect the tool to ever stop, though. Note you can click on any item to zoom into the text; click again to go the product at Amazon. [Via Waxy.]


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