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Friday, March 18, 2005


This is too cool. Just some days ago, I suggested the idea to create a blog based on asking companies to send freebies. They would then be presented at, and everybody – the company, the blogger, and the readers – gain from it. And now Iolaire McFadden, who liked the idea, goes live with

The site already looks great. The tagline is “The search for significant items”, and here’s the mission statement:

“For your enjoyment and education, we request goodies from manufactures and update you on our search. We seek interesting household items which strike us as innovative, unique, timely or quality improvements on a classic theme.”

At the moment, Iolaire is waiting for companies to react as requests have just been sent. But there’s already something to show off on the Goodiesblog:

“Initially we built our list of goodies from items received at Washington DC area conferences or shows and internet sample offers. Subsequently our goodies list will grow from response to our request for goodies from 100 manufactures whose addresses were found on products within our household.

Manufactures who send us goodies will at a minimum [receive] a photo of the goodie on Significant items will be featured in the blog area with a writeup about the goodie, a significance rating and its photograph.”


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