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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New Googlestore Items

Not all, but some of the Googlestore stuff is new, as Caleb alerted me.

First of all, there’s the Marble Maze, the perfect kid’s toy. Oh wait, according to the snippet, it’s actually for the adult Google geek: “Take a break from your workday and rejuvenate yourself with this mind-bender of a maze.”

The Infant Bubble Fleece Romper on the other hand is definitely for the 0-3 age group. It goes well with the new Classic Infant Rib Hat.

Then there’s the Google Mini enterprise solution for a meager $4,995.00.

The Googlestore now also features a variety of Google software products, all of them free, like the Google Desktop Search or the Gmail Notifier. And on the hardware side, there’s the new Google Icon Vase Speaker.

As for wearables, there’s now an “I Google” T-shirt, Men’s California Fleece Slim Fit Pants, and a Women’s California Fleece Zip Hoodie.

The Google Cafe set is a “handsome trio” consisting of “an 8 oz. French coffee press, a 10 oz. stainless steel coffee mug with crisp black Google logo, and a functional, contemporary coffee spoon.”

The Google Infoglobe is not brand new, but still cool. It’s a shiny blue cross-breed between message center, clock, calendar and sci-fi gadget.

The Icon Stix and Stonz Magnet Game however is brand new. I have some of these at home (not the Google-branded ones), and besides making animated 3d shapes, you can spell words with them:

[G O O G L E]

Now the Fast Lane Travel Mug can “Fuel your internal search engine with the beverage of your choice from this insulated travel mug.” Mmmmmookay.

And then, if you still have time left to waste, there’s the Google Goo and the Google Foot Bag “designed to kick and roll with the best of them.”


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