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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Heavy Wikipedia Indexing

Brian alerted me that the number of indexed Wikipedia pages has jumped from 2,710,000 to a steady 5.4 million during the last days. At the moment, I can see 7,340,000 pages for the query at If Brian’s numbers are accurate, then this heavy crawl may be related to the new Wikipedia/ Google partnership. Then again, so far Google treats all pages on the web equal according to their algorithms – which would mean there’s a general increase in Googlebot activity. Did anyone else notice anything?

Google in Hitch

Markus R. told me:

“I went to the movies this Saturday and saw Hitch. There’s a remarkable amount of produced placement to be found. You’d have a close-up of a Blackberry and so on. What was new to me was a notable placement of a web site (Google). You could see the search box, the result pages, and at one point in the movie someone said ’I will google it’.”

Update: Google said they did not pay for placement.

Banner Nostalgia

5 years ago, the tech bubble saw its biggest peak, to collapse shortly thereafter. Steve Baldwin put up a gallery of pre-DotCom bust banner ads. This is from a time when terms like “Webvolution” and “e-career” were hip.

Slashdot Song

I didn’t know Fatboy Slim was singing a “Slashdot” song [WMP] on his Palookavilla album.

Googlebomb For Sale

Someone’s selling a Googlebomb on Ebay... [Via SER.]

1GB Yahoo Mail?

So, it looks like Yahoo will be having 1GB email storage too in late April. According to CNet’s Jim Hu, it will take 2 weeks for all users (who currently have 250MB) to see it. I wonder if the marketing Yahoos realize that if they have the technical means to do 1GB, they might as well do 1GB + x, so they could claim to be the email with the most storage. Until Gmail increases their storage, that is. [Thanks Jason.]

Disappearing "The"

Jean notes 5 billion “the” have disappeared overnight: Google used to show a result count of 8,000,000,000 when you searched for “the”, and now they’re showing around 3,220,000,000 only.

Usability: The Talking Homepage

If web pages could talk... [Via Danny Sullivan.]

Puzzle Photos Blog

At the “What Is It?” blog, random items are posted for others to guess what they’re for:

“I have been collecting unusual objects for quite a few years and have just recently started posting them on this site as puzzles for others to figure out what they are. If you aren’t interested in tools, there are plenty of other type objects that have also been posted.”

ObjectSearch Blog Search

ObjectSearch has a new blog search engine. It doesn’t return many results, but I found some unusual and interesting ones. Results are accompanied by images.


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