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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Puns Are Bad Microcontent

Puns, wit and irony have their place in writing, but I don’t think they go well with Microcontent such as headlines. Why? Because you might find the headline out of context, like in an RSS reader or another site. It might also appear in a search result’s title. And you might base your decision of whether or not to read the article on the headline alone. Also, you might scan a lot of these headlines everyday.

The Google Blog (the official one) is a great example of these kind of confusing, but smart, headlines. Here are all the headlines of 2005, and try to guess what news-bit the articles might have contained without further knowledge. I bolded headlines which I think are fitting microcontent (in other words, somewhat self-explanatory).


When you see a blue underlined writing on the wall, it might not be graffitti, but Grafedia: using your mobile phone, you can then send an email to and get a corresponding photo (or video, or sound).

More Transparent Screens

Here are some more transparent screens (which use the real background behind the laptop as digital wallpaper).


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