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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Spiegel’s Google Fun

Update: Also see 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google.

German has an article on having fun with Google. It mentions some of the classics, like Google Battle, Googlewhacking, or Capture the Map, as well as Tara Calishain’s Google cooking.

One Google Game was new to me: it’s a kind of virtual blackjack, but you’re dealt keywords which represent a pagecount.

The article also mentions, where Andy Baio wrote about the Google Calculator in 2003. Spiegel’s Frank Patalong explains:

“Googlewhacking’s not everything, though. The web kid’s are toying around with the search giant’s features to create a multitude of (mostly nonsense) activities. For example, the blog collects numerical trivia by using Google’s built-in calculator. He manages to shed light on unknown areas of known numbers.

Or did you know that you can run a 30 GB iPod for 18,2 days without having a song repeat itself?”


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